CEO Interview: Srinath Anantharaman of Cliosoft

2021-07-30 09:44
Srinath Anantharaman founded Cliosoft in 1997 and serves as the company’s CEO. He has over 40 years of software engineering and management experience in the EDA industry. Srinath graduated with a Bachelor of Technology from IIT/Kanpur and MSEE from Washington University in St. Louis.

The last time we talked to you was 2017. Tell us a little bit about how the company has grown since then and how you’ve evolved your strategy.

The company has grown steadily and significantly over the last few years. Oddly, we have seen a big uptick in our business during the COVID lockdown. Our SOS family of design management solutions has become the backbone for design data collaboration for many of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. We have engineers spread all over the world from the US to Australia developing and supporting the software that these multinationals depend on to share data efficiently across their design centers and the cloud.

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