Key Benefits

  • Up to 10X better RTL design productivity
  • Up to 5X faster turnaround times, with linear scalability beyond 10M instances
  • At least 2X reduction in iterations between unit-, block-, and chip-level synthesis
  • Timing and wirelength within 5% of place and route in the Cadence Innovus Implementation System
  • Up to 20% reduction in datapath area without any impact on performance

The ultimate goal of the Cadence® Genus™ Synthesis Solution is very simple: deliver the best possible productivity during register-transfer-level (RTL) design and the highest quality of results (QoR) in final implementation.

The Genus synthesis solution provides up to 5X faster synthesis turnaround times and scales linearly beyond 10M instances. In addition, a new physically aware context-generation capability reduces iterations between unit- and chip-level synthesis by 2X or more. From this powerful combination, you can gain an up to 10X improvement in RTL design productivity. What’s more, a new global, analytical, architecture-level optimization engine can reduce datapath area by up to 20% without any impact on performance.

A new common user interface that the Genus synthesis solution shares with Cadence Innovus™ Implementation System and Cadence Tempus™ Timing Signoff Solution streamlines flow development and simplifies usability across the complete Cadence digital flow. The new user interface includes unified database access, MMMC timing configuration and reporting, and low-power design initialization.