Fast and accurate creation, verification, and integration of power intent

Encounter Conformal Low Power enables the creation and validation of power intent in context of the design. Combines low-power equivalence checking with structural and functional checks to enable full-chip verification of power-efficient designs.

conformal_lowpowerOptimizing designs for leakage and dynamic power helps designers reduce energy consumption and packaging costs. But these advanced low-power design methods also complicate the verification task, introducing risk during synthesis and physical implementation. Full-chip, gate-level simulation is not a practical or scalable methodology for verifying today’s large, complex designs. Encounter® Conformal® Low Power enables designers to create power intent, then verify and debug multimillion-gate designs optimized for low power, without simulating test vectors. It combines low-power structural and functional checks with world-class equivalence checking to provide superior performance, capacity, and ease of use.


  • Reduces the risk of silicon re-spins by providing complete verification coverage
  • Detects low-power implementation errors early in the design cycle
  • Verifies multimillion-gate designs much faster than traditional gate-level simulation
  • Closes the RTL-to-layout verification gap using low-power equivalence checking
  • Decreases the risk of missing critical bugs through independent verification technology
  • Enables power intent creation and integration, without having to become a power format expert