Flexible mixed-signal simulation for SoCs

Virtuoso AMS Designer Simulator links advanced analog and digital environments for seamless mixed-signal simulation and verification

Cadence® Virtuoso® AMS Designer is a mixed-signal simulation solution for the design and verification of analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal SoCs. It is integrated with the Virtuoso full-custom environment for mixed-signal design and verification. It is also integrated with the Cadence Incisive® functional verification platform for mixed-signal verification within the digital verification environment.


  • Ensures design quality with proven Virtuoso analog and Incisive digital simulation technologies
  • Supports both analog design flow use model in Virtuoso Analog Design Environment as well as digital verification use model in Incisive Environment
  • Supports top-down methodology to quickly detect design failures early in the design cycle to make sure the design is ready for tape-out, right on time
  • Accelerates simulation with mixed-signal hardware description language support
  • Accelerates simulation of RF circuits at full SPICE accuracy by combining envelope analysis of RF transceivers with digital baseband simulation