Our Products

ClioSoft provides a configurable platform for design data & IP management for SoC designs. The SOS design platform streamlines the design process by enhancing communication. It facilitates efficient and accurate sharing of design data, from concept and architecture definition through tape-out. By removing the inefficiencies in design collaboration on complex work flows, SOS improves design team productivity and mitigates the risk of requiring a mask re-spin due to configuration errors.

The SOS architecture is designed to handle the unique requirements of hardware design flows and is therefore unhindered by the limitations of software configuration management systems. It provides design teams the flexibility to choose the way they work, share & collaborate with team members. SOS enables design teams to develop a formal process on how to collaborate between designers located at the same or multiple design centers. Without the presence of a design data management and a formal collaboration process, a lot of time is spent on needless communication, especially when one considers cultural differences and communication barriers.

This often leads to a big loss of productivity for the engineers and creates spurious errors which takes considerable time to rectify. Since SOS has been created from the ground up instead of building on top of existing software configuration systems, users can easily customize to their requirements.