OpenText Connectivity – Secure Enterprise Application Access

OpenText Connectivity products, formerly Hummingbird, provide fast, reliable access to a variety of enterprise applications, including host systems such as UNIX® and Linux®, Microsoft® Windows®, mainframes, network file systems and more.

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OpenText Exceed TurboX

Web-based interface for remote access to UNIX and Windows desktops and applications.

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OpenText Exceed onDemand

Thin-client remote access to X Window applications and desktops.

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OpenText Exceed

Long-standing solution for access to X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts.

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OpenText HostExplorer

Terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts.

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OpenText SOCKS Client

Windows security solution that enables connections to hosts across firewalls.

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OpenText Secure Shell

Take advantage of security protocols to protect data traffic over open networks.

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OpenText NFS Server

Add an enterprise-class NFS server that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem.

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OpenText NFS Client

Access NFS resources, including file servers and printers, from Microsoft® Windows® PCs.

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OpenText NFS Gateway

Provide access to NFS resources from Microsoft® Windows® clients, using Windows servers as gateway.

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Semiconductors & Electronics

Provide a secure collaborative EDA environment where engineers can achieve their maximum potential.

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Oil & Gas

Reliable and high-performance managed application access to help solve challenges in today’s E&P operations.

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Financial Services

Improve the business agility of financial institutions while keeping information flows in compliance.

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Aerospace & Defense

Securely deliver high quality application access to a global remote workforce.

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Offer secure and reliable enterprise access to business applications regardless of their location and connection quality.

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Customer Stories

Micronas logo

We immediately benefitted from faster execution, with far less data being transmitted over our wide area network.

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Product: OpenText Exceed TurboX

Virginia Tech logo

Thanks to Exceed TurboX, applications are now much more responsive. Users can now undertake interactive tasks, such as visualizations, in real time.

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Product: OpenText Exceed TurboX

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